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Ronel van Tonder is a science fiction and paranormal romance author from South Africa. When she’s not writing, Ronel spends her free time slaying rendered baddies in the form of robots, gangsters and aliens – with any weapon that happens to be at hand. She also runs her own website design company, and loves dabbling in graphic design, 3D modelling and animation.

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The Corrupted SUN Script Trilogy (Download Full Press Kit)

Compile:Quest (Book One) *Permafree


Dark Dystopian Science Fiction.


Centuries after the day solar storms ravaged the earth, the world lies divided: one half a Utopian prison, the other a ruthless military dictatorship. Two women from disparate halves of this frightening future earth become entangled in an archaic conspiracy that threatens the existence of all of mankind. Now each must overcome their own flaws and personal vendettas to bring a halt to the elite’s plan for mass genocide.

Peppermint is just like every other Denizen trapped inside the Utopian splendor of the Africa Dome: hedonistic, self-centered, and utterly naive. When she discovers she’s a psi with prophetic abilities, her perfect world collapses. She’s imprisoned and forced into endless, nightmarish sessions with a merciless scientist determined to break her. But Onyx’s attentions begin to reveal a dark truth behind the domes and the denizens residing within, one she must fully uncover if she is ever to save her people from the coming war.

Living under a harsh military dictatorship deep in the African savanna, life is a constant struggle for Jinx. Revenge propels this volatile soldier into the center of a underground colony of rival diggers where she plans to find the person responsible for murdering her mother. When her search leads her to straight to the enigmatic leader of the colony – a man who’s as mercurial as he is dangerous – Jinx must decide if she’s willing to sacrifice her dignity to learn the truth behind her mother’s death.

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Debug:Heroes (Book Two)


The domes are growing restless. Denizens are asking uncomfortable questions about the people living outside. SUN’s hypnotic distractions have worked well so far, but they won’t hold up for much longer. And while the Bennu Project approaches its final stage, the council are gearing up for war. With Wildebeest still in turmoil after the bloody usurpation of their former Leider, the new Leider has to instill a sense of discipline. He ensures utter obedience by ruling with an iron fist. But the colony is slowing slipping from his grasp, and his brothers are waiting expectantly for him to return. And for the blood he promised them.

Peppermint escapes one prison, only to be taken to another. Mentally wounded from her time at Lambent Laboratories and her toxic relationship with Onyx, she’s failing to come to terms with her new life. She has to escape the frightening diggers and find her way back to the dome. Still unable to control her powers, she’s vulnerable and exposed – and too weak to fight back. Yet.

Jinx discovers the identity of her father. And the revelation shocks her to her core. Her subsequent meltdown endangers herself and the rest of the Rooivalk soldiers. A plan is set into motion. But instead of getting her revenge, Jinx now faces a new enemy: and he has no intention of letting her leave the colony.

Juliet’s rigidly constructed world is tearing apart at the seams. Her twin, Victor, has changed – and not for the better. Adamant that the war is coming sooner than any of the defenders had anticipated, Victor tries to persuade her not to go to war. But while Juliet struggles with this decision, her and Victor begin a slow dance toward death.

While these women struggle to maintain order and extricate themselves from the convoluted mess they’re in, the SUN Council begins preparing for war. Will they untangle themselves in time?

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Execute:Destiny (Book Three)


With SUN’s machinations now fully fledged, the dome prepares for war. Finally reunited with his brothers, every facet of Jasper’s past has been opened to him. Together him, Garnet, and Bella set into motion the final stages of their plan – a plan which will see the domes run red with the blood of innocent denizens and diggers alike. The Sons of Ra are whole again, and they turn their attention to their long-awaited prize: the Shining City. Having escaped their camp, Pearce heads to Rooivalk to warn the general of the brothers’s intentions, only to find himself gearing up for war.

Peppermint awakes to a world as alien as the stinking tunnels of the diggers. Everything she knew as truth had been spat on and torn down, replaced with monolithic facts standing stark and foreboding against a storm-tossed sky. Now, with everyone turning to her for leadership, the weight of responsibility threatens to grind her into the dust. But Peppermint can’t buckle – the first rains of the inevitable storm have already fallen, and a deluge steadily approaches.

Hauled back from the brink of death, Jinx is in bad shape. The few threads she’d plucked free have unraveled the entire tapestry of her life, revealing a dark, endless cavern. From it, Leo emerges. He takes her to his brothers and toward a final revelation, but whether as her captor or her guide, Jinx can’t yet determine.

Absorbed in their vendettas, Fate draws near her darlings without raising a cry. As she tightens her web, her victims become entangled beyond extrication. And, to some, only one path remains open: death.

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The Seventh Glitch (Download Full Press Kit)


Cyberpunk Science Fiction


After a glitch brought on by a cyber-terrorism attack, a newbie player is trapped inside the online dreamscape of The Game. She must reach The Game’s seventh rift to escape, but with every passing rift the glitches brought on by the initial attack become more deadly.

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How to Become a Productivity Guru (Download full press kit)


Non-Fiction, Time Management


Learn the methods, tips and tricks you’ll need to become more productive and efficient. Discussing techniques such as the Pomodoro technique, outsourcing, delegation, and more.

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Black Cherries (Download Full Press Kit)



Dark Paranormal Romance


How do you escape an evil capable of invading your dreams?

The day Angelica locks eyes with an enigmatic stranger in her local book store, she thinks nothing of it. But when her life begins to dissolve into a jumbled fantasia where anything is possible, she begins to think their chance meeting was an uncanny portent. And when the stranger’s predatory interest in her grows, Angelica struggles to escape his enchantment.

Can Angelica find the strength to resist him… or will she remain trapped in his twisted nightmare-world forever?

Fans of Stephenie Meyer, Veronica Roth & Bella Forrest will forever remain haunted by this disturbing paranormal romance.