• Black Cherries
    Black Cherries

    How do you escape an evil capable of invading your dreams?

    The day Angelica locks eyes with an enigmatic stranger in her local book store, she thinks nothing of it. But when her life begins to dissolve into a jumbled fantasia where anything is possible, she begins to think their chance meeting was an uncanny portent. And when the stranger’s predatory interest in her grows, Angelica struggles to escape his enchantment.

    Can Angelica find the strength to resist him… or will she remain trapped in his twisted nightmare-world forever?

    Fans of Stephenie Meyer, Veronica Roth & Bella Forrest will forever remain haunted by this disturbing paranormal romance.

  • The Seventh Glitch
    The Seventh Glitch

    The Game giveth and The Game taketh away

    What if you couldn’t save and exit? A gamer has only one chance to escape the glitchy dreamscape of The Game or risk losing her mind… and her life.

  • Corrupted SUN Script
    Corrupted SUN Script

    Never has failure carried such a high price

    Centuries after the day solar storms ravaged the earth, the world lies divided: one half a Utopian prison, the other a ruthless military dictatorship. Two women from disparate halves of this frightening future earth become entangled in an archaic conspiracy that threatens the existence of all of mankind. Now each must overcome their own flaws and personal vendettas to bring a halt to the elite’s plan for mass genocide.

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