Auditory Glossary for COMPILE:QUEST

If you’ve read the book COMPILE:QUEST, you would have noticed a few strange words thrown into the mix. Afrikaans is one of eleven official languages (yup, eleven!) spoken in South Africa.

And you might have read the glossary at the end of the book, but if you ever wanted to hear what an Afrikaans person sounded like reading these words, then here you go!

(PS – I did these recordings myself using not the greatest recording equipment, so please forgive the poor sound quality)

Afrikaners is Plesierig

The Kid

In the prologue of COMPILE:QUEST, we follow Eric as he tries to rescue two children from a farmhouse after the events of Black Sunday. There are quite a few Afrikaans sections of dialogue, so I’ll read them out and translate them.

Los my!” the boy yelled, jerking his arm to escape Eric’s grasp.

Los my uit!” the boy cried.

Sé nie vir jou nie,” the boy mumbled. The boy’s eyes grew wide. Then he shook his head. “Voetsek!

Los ons uit,” the boy said, but his voice wavered.

Kom seun. Ons gaan ry. Jy...” Eric broke off as he searched for the right word, “Jy gaan vrek hier buite.”

Nee. Kom,” Eric said, using as stern a voice as he could muster.

The girl tugged on Eric’s hand. “Waar’s mamma?”

Bly stil, Lina,” the boy snapped.

Hoe oud is julle?” Eric managed.

The boy scowled at him before responding. “Ek’s ses. Lina’s vyf.”

Haai! Wat maak jy?” the boy exclaimed.

Jy moet hardloop,” Eric said.

Hulle gaan jou dood maak. Jy moet grou. In die grond. Die son,” Eric stabbed up at the sun, “gaan jou dood maak. Grou, en jy sal okay wees. Grou, en jy sal leef.”

My suster?” he asked.

Sy’s okay.” Eric gave the boy a thumbs up. “Sy sal leef.”

General Phrases

Throughout the rest of the book, Afrikaans pops up. Here are some of the more common phrases used throughout the book.

Definition: An older female authority figure.
“Listen, antie-”

Definition: A utility truck, pick-up truck.
His father’s arm muscles twitched as Ace tried to retract his wrist, but he might as well have been trying to lift a bakkie over his head.

Definition: The act of repeatedly and violently punching, striking and/or hitting a person.
“Because no one can agree to the rules, and we all end up bliksemming each other.”

Definition: Derogatory term similar to prat, idiot, asshole.
She lifted her shirt away from her, scowling at Pearce. “You tore my buttons off, you doos.”

Definition: An interjection used to express amazement, surprise, frustration or pleasure.
Eish. Long time, Ray,” Foster said, scratching at the stubble on his jaw.

Ja nee
Definition: An expression of positive confirmation. Literally “yes-no”.
Ja nee,” she sighed.

Definition: Similar to nice, good, great, tasty.
“Getting some lekker ideas,” the man took another step closer.

Definition: A home distilled brandy made from peaches, prickly pears, etc.
“What’s the message, sir?”
“Tell him to bring the mampoer.”

Definition: Yeah? Not so? Hey?
The Major faced Jinx. “Training, ? Don’t see any vests.”

Definition: Slang or derogatory term similar to ‘cunt’.
Ace heard a muttered, “Poes,” before Timmy was out of earshot.

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