So over the years I’ve been exposed to quite a few programs and websites, all that claim to help authors write better, faster, easier – whatever. Some of them work, some of them don’t. I’ve created a list of some of the programs I just wouldn’t be able to live without.

TheĀ links to all these amazing must-haves are at the end of the list.

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I’ve always been an introvert. A self-conscious recluse who preferred to stay at home rather than venture into the great (scary) outdoors. Not quite agoraphobic… but close enough.

When I started writing the first novel of the Corrupted Sun Trilogy, I had to be sure that the novel would be received with open arms. But I had to find those arms first. I didn’t want my first self-published novel to be released into a world so full of the modern-day noise of publishing that it would quietly slip under the water again without having attracted the least bit of attention.

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