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Part of any journey includes trying new things. My first three books took place during the slow extinction of mankind. My next two novels unfolded in a dystopian world similar to ‘1984.’ For my upcoming books, I’m doing something completely different and publishing an epic space fantasy trilogy that I describe as a combination of Star Wars and Arthurian legend. As a lifelong fan of Star Wars, I’ve always wanted to create my own galaxy filled with aliens and adventure. Now I am.

By itself, writing in a different genre could qualify as doing something new. That’s not where I’m stopping, however.

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The real evolution comes in the way I’m publishing my Space Lore trilogy. I’m going to publish all three books at the same time! This approach was made popular by Netflix when they released entire seasons of new TV shows all at once. It gives viewers (or, in my case, readers) the chance to crash on a series without waiting for each new episode. I’ve decided I’ll try the same approach for my books, and as far as I know this model has never been attempted in the publishing world before.

The great thing is that anyone who reads the first book and loves it won’t have to wait months or years for the sequel. How many times have you been blown away by a book and then had to wait forever for the next part of the series to be published? Well, not for my Space Lore trilogy!

• Book One, The Green Knight, will come out June 7,
• Book Two, The Excalibur, will come out June 8, and
• Book Three, The Round Table, will come out June 9.
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Chris Dietzel

Chris graduated from Western Maryland College (McDaniel College). He currently lives outside Washington D.C. His dream is to write the same kind of stories that have inspired him over the years.