The Seventh Glitch – LITRPG Cyberpunk Standalone Novel


LIT RPG at it's best!
After a glitch brought on by a cyber-terrorism attack, a newbie player is trapped inside the online dreamscape of The Game. She must reach The Game's seventh rift to escape, but with every passing rift the glitches brought on by the initial attack become more deadly.

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What if you couldn’t save and exit?

When a newbie player is trapped in a virtual reality realm, she has to rely on a stranger’s knowledge of The Game to make it to the seventh rift to escape. Easy, right? Well, it would have been, had it not turned out that her new friend was the reason The Game had glitched out in the first place.

Set in an immersive gaming environment that spans seven major genres of gameplay, The Seventh Glitch is an epic LITRPG Cyberpunk standalone novel that will have you asking all the right questions… and getting some pretty weird answers in return.

Scroll up and click buy if you loved Ready Player One, For the Win, and Eden’s Gate.


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