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How to create your own free writing playlist using soundcloud
Music is very important to me when I write.
It blocks out external sounds, improving my focus, and it inspires me too. Because of this effect, I find that listening to music when I’m adding chapters to my novel is incredibly important. But hearing the same song over and over doesn’t do it for me, either.
Also, I tend struggle with songs that have lyrics, because I find (especially rock or metal), listening to the lyrics throws me off my game. But over the years, I’ve found a few ways to get my hands on awesome music (for free). Using these tools, I build myself a writing playlist that I can play when I’m writing.

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Songs that Inspired COMPILE:QUEST

Music has always had a huge impact on me. Certain songs seem to trigger something deeply internal. It’s like instant inspiration – whether it be the itching, clawing urge to write a horror, or the throat tightening impulse to belt out an action scene.

While writing COMPILE:QUEST, I had a playlist I would listen to. The songs not only got me in the mood to write, but they also played a key part in creating the mental atmosphere I needed to pen some of the more intense scenes.

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