The Theta Prophecy

Having read “The Theta Timeline” with its twist on the element of time travel, I was eager to see where Dietzel took the next installment in this series. I was pleasantly surprised with “The Theta Prophecy”. In this novel, the story is tightly focused on the characters themselves, and since I love character-driven fiction, this made the book for me.

I would have enjoyed deeper explanations on some of the elements touched on in this book but perhaps the author is reserving these for another novel? Being South African, some of the political intrigues present in the novel were a bit hit and miss for me.

This is a fantastic novel and one which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed books along the lines of George Orwell’s 1984. Although the author doesn’t dwell as much on the futuristic nightmare as in his previous book, he still paints a terrifying future: a warning… and a challenge.

Will you take the Theta Prophecy to heart? Or, through indifference, will you be a silent bystander to this none too-fantastical regime we’re all headed toward?

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Ronel van Tonder

Ronel van Tonder is a science fiction author from South Africa. Having recently completed her dark, dystopian sci-fi trilogy, The Corrupted SUN Script, she's hard at work penning a new standalone sci-fi novel, The Seventh Glitch. When she's not writing, Ronel spends her free time slaying rendered baddies in the form of robots, gangsters and aliens - with any weapon that happens to be at hand.